Products & Services


Below is a summary of products and services for EH&S professionals. 



Classroom only courses
  • SAFELAND training course to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry and DOT trailing with RGHD for those who will handle hazardous materials
  • Courses are offered at different locations across the country
  • Courses taught by certified EH&S trainers and well-versed in regional regulations
  • Certificates are issued upon completion of classroom courses
Online Self-Paced
  • Access to an extensive online library available to learners 24/7 anytime, anywhere
  • Access to course materials for references, course evaluation performances, interactive exercises, quizzes and exams
Learning Management System
  • User friendly student interface that allows user to control and self-managed their own training
  • Learners' progress is tracked and recorded which allows management to identify any learning gaps and make conclusive decisions
  • Allow users to print course materials, transcripts and certificates
Needs Assessment Tools
  • Use of needs assessment tools such as training gap analysis, training plans, and course program development plan to determine training needs and paths to take
Instructional Design
  • Services of technical graphics experts who will design training materials that are interactive so as to enrich the learning experience
  • Development of instructional design manuals such as Train-the-Trainer manual, Instructor's manual, and Participant manual