Continuing Education Units / Professional Development Hours

GHD calculates Continuing Education Units (CEU) using clock hours. One hour of instructor/student contact is equal is 0.1 CEU. A CEU is a measure used in continuing education program. It is usually required in a licensed profession in order for the professional to measure the license. The procedure used to calculate continuing education credits (CEUs) is controlled and regulated by ANSI standards (American National Standards Institute).

  • 1 hour of in-class teaching (contact) time = 0.1 CEU
  • 1 hour of online instruction (contact) = 0.1 CEU
  • Partial hours must be rounded to the lowest whole hour
  • One CEU = ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education / training experience under responsible
    qualified instruction

Training programs are planned with an estimated duration and the actual duration of training events is recorded by GHD. The actual duration is used to measure the CEUs awarded.