Industry Professionals

GHD utilizes training initiatives that are cost effective and aligned to industry needs and objectives. Enhanced skill training and professional development enables employees to provide greater efficiencies in productivity and quality; further contributing to the organization's bottom line. Additionally, providing training for employees in safe work practices creates a culture of behavior-based safety which results in increased output, greater growth and a spirit of well-being for your organization and avoids errors that can result in accidents.

GHD has developed and delivered extensive training programs from professional development to advanced specialized areas in the engineering field, environmental health and safety training, and technical problem-solving skills. You will benefit from our years of experience working with Fortune 500 organizations in consultative and training roles.

Our integrated e-learning, instructor led training and traditional media tools makes quality training more accessible to employees in a timely manner. The result is a customized training program that adjusts for variables such as learner skills and development and learning resource, while providing consistent information to an actively engaged workforce.