About Us

GHD is an engineering, environmental, construction, and IT consulting firm that provides education and training services through their Learning Center known as GHD.  As leader in workplace safety, sustainable operations, employee training and clean technologies, GHD is positioned to provide a collaboration of consulting services and learning technology solutions.

GHD's mission is to provide the highest quality, cost effective, educational learning media in education and training services to meet regulatory requirements, while enhancing the professional and skill development of learners.  As a leader in innovative learning practices, GHD is committed to ongoing assessment and evaluation of our learning programs to be agile and responsive to current and emerging curriculum requirements. 

Our training purpose is to help EHS professionals, practicing engineers, and life-long learners foster personal growth and learning development that is aligned to their organization's business goals.  To service our worldwide clients, GHD has offices through North America, South America, Australia, and Europe